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Homberg, den 28. September 2021

25 years of partnership

This year we are once again celebrating 25 years of partnership between us and four companies that do considerable business. We are taking this as an opportunity to present them in an article in order to show with appreciation the commitment with which our partners operate.

Working at eye level: Gustav Mäuler GmbH & Co. KG

Gustav Mäuler GmbH & Co KG has been one of our partners since 03.06.1996. The small transport company, which was founded in Remscheid in 1934, has developed into a regional market leader in the field of “warehouse logistics” with a specialisation in hazardous materials.

Thanks to their professional organization, every process is planned in detail and leads to the fact that they can respond to the needs of the customers much more flexible than some other companies.

CTL has a clear philosophy, which Gustav Mäuler also follows: working at eye level. It is important, despite the rapid economic development, to remain human and to work with passion. We can build on this foundation together, develop further and grow from it.

CTL as service provider and coordinator: Frankenfeld Spedition GmbH

“Together we are one” – The Frankenfeld Logistics Group has been in existence for over 75 years and has established itself as a modern service company. Frankenfeld stands out in particular for its continuity and reliability, which has existed for decades.

Managing director André Theilmeier remembers the first shareholders’ meetings, “[…] where things always got heated. There were various currents and trench warfare, loud discussions and emotional outbursts. One must not forget that the CTL also had ‘gruelling times’ behind it financially. Thanks to Erich Wietzel and his team, new structures were created that brought economic stability and the ability to act. These years were important to keep CTL stable and solid in the first place.” Theilmeier describes CTL in its early years as an “‘active force’ characterized by a few, often contrarian, corporate personalities; it clearly broadened out and became more professional.” He also notes that “[the] CTL leadership [sees] itself as a service provider and coordinator for shareholders and partners; a clearly positive development in terms of our cooperation.”

25 years ago, the Frankenfeld Logistics Group “had to do something in the area of general cargo handling in order to be able to maintain a certain independence,” reports Theilmeier. In his opinion, with regard to the cooperation with CTL, one can speak of a success story, since “a medium-sized cooperation has survived 25 years, large parts of the goals of that time have been achieved and there has also been economic stability for many years.”

The Frankenfeld Logistics Group currently has three divisions: freight forwarding, building materials and warehouse logistics. They have 32,000 m² of operating space as well as 240 employees and 80 of their own vehicles at their disposal. Above all, however, Frankenfeld relies on teamwork.

We are looking forward to further years of successful cooperation!

Left: Martin Abelmann; Right: André Theilmeier                     Aerial view 2020 headquarters


The decision in favour of CTL: Niedermaier Spedition GmbH

Niedermaier Spedition GmbH has already existed for 76 years and has developed into one of the leading transport and logistics companies in Eastern Bavaria. For a quarter of a century, CTL has already been part of their strong partner landscape. Managing Director Hans Ach looks back on the expectations with which Niedermaier entered into the cooperation with CTL 25 years ago: “In 1996, Niedermaier was looking for a partner to distribute its outbound groupage freight in a Germany-wide network. Today’s network, with its many different forms, proves us right for the decision in favour of CTL at that time.”

Among other things, Niedermaier Spedition GmbH stands out due to its short decision-making processes, strong partners and state-of-the-art IT systems. The many years of experience make it possible that even extraordinary individual logistic solutions can be offered. Niedermaier’s extensive know-how combined with state-of-the-art technology often makes the impossible possible. For them, the customer is the focus – which of course always proves to be the case.

Hans Ach associates the cooperation with CTL with a “steady development and expansion of the network. CTL has grown continuously since the beginning of the cooperation. In addition, there has been a focus on expanding the network (including connections to 34 European countries) with self-financed platforms.” In addition, Ach notes that the network quality has also improved significantly, especially in recent years. “Supported by transparent IT evaluations, the quality could be increased. Benchmarks are available to all partners at all times.”

We look back with pleasure on the past 25 years. In the future, Niedermaier would like to see “a network that continues to be resilient, functional, future-oriented and of high quality”, and we are highly motivated to agree.

Entrance sign                                                                    Niedermaier Truck 75 years- 2020


Efficient and flexible services: Martin Baur GmbH

MARTIN BAUR GmbH is a medium-sized family business with approx. 230 employees. The family business with its headquarters in Binzwangen is now in its third generation. In addition to the freight forwarding company, the company also includes several gravel plants, ready-mixed concrete plants and a quarry.

Since 04.11.1996, the company Baur is one of the shareholders of CTL and provides us with national and international logistics packages. Baur qualifies itself as an excellent company especially through efficient and flexible services, a fair work culture as well as through conscious actions in the sense of nature.

As a future-oriented company, Martin Baur always puts the customer and his needs first. This is how we contribute to the business success of Martin Baur GmbH together with them.

Martin Baur offers competent forwarding services as well as 9,000m² of hall space. In order to be able to move any kind of transport goods safely, quickly and easily, two halls are additionally equipped with 20t and 25t crane runways. A modern fleet of vehicles, which is maintained by our own workshop, is also part of Martin Baur GmbH. This guarantees constant availability and smoothly running operations with punctual compliance with agreed deadlines.

For 25 years we have been able to rely on a responsible, cooperative and constructive partnership. With Martin Baur, we have a strong partner at our side who enriches our network with his logistics expertise.

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