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Homberg, den 5. November 2021

Economical and sporty with JobRad

Already at the end of March, the trainees of CTL AG presented their internal company project “Green-Logistics-Project” (GLP for short). The objectives of this project are twofold: on the one hand, to maintain and promote the health of their colleagues and, on the other hand, to implement self-designed sustainability concepts in order to minimise CTL’s ecological footprint. An important part of this project is the topic “bicycle leasing”, as it reflects both directions of the GLP. Thus, a cooperation with JobRad was entered into in July, where any kind of bicycle can be leased.

Leasing via the employer

JobRad GmbH is a Germany-wide service provider based in Freiburg. They organise the leasing of bicycles and e-bikes for employers and their transfer to employees by means of a digital portal solution. The process is quite simple: employees choose their desired bike from a specialist dealer or online – all manufacturers and brands are possible. The employer leases the company bike and gives it to the employee for professional and private use.

Advantages for everyone

After 4 months, we have drawn a first balance: the offer meets with high approval among CTL employees. This is also the case with Simone Schölling (see picture), who has owned her JobRad since July because she wants to improve her fitness and discover a new hobby: “I have had the idea of buying an e-bike for some time. The leasing offer through CTL came in handy. Especially because it is possible save up to 40% compared to buying directly and you don’t have to pay the purchase sum all at once. It was also easier for me to decide on a slightly more expensive and therefore higher-quality bike.

Since inspections have to be carried out regularly, the bike is always in good condition. By buying privately, you probably wouldn’t have an inspection done so regularly, especially since this is also more expensive if you pay cash. Because the inspection is billed via the leasing rate, you also get away cheaper here.”

Thus, bicycle leasing is not only environmentally friendly, as it saves climate gases, causes less noise and improves air quality, but it is also fun, keeps fit and is easy on the wallet.

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