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Homberg, den 14. December 2021

Cargo Trans Logistik AG pushes ahead with digitalisation

General cargo express transports now bookable online

Cargo Trans Logistik AG (CTL) is expanding its digital range of services: as of now, shippers can call up prices for general cargo express transports online and also book them directly. Using Pamyra, the software of the Leipzig-based IT solution provider of the same name for medium-sized freight forwarders, the general cargo cooperation offers an interface for web-based access to the service portfolio. Participating CTL partners integrate “Pamyra4You” as a service on their own website. In cooperation with the Company, CTL thus offers its partners a tool to advance digitalization and expand sales channels.

Intensification of the cooperation with Pamyra GmbH

“With the launch of our express tariff on Pamyra, we are taking another big step towards the ‘logistics of the future’ and offering our partners and their customers real added value,” says CTL CEO Francesco De Lauso. Through the cooperation with the software of Pamyra GmbH, which develops digital sales solutions for forwarders, it has already been possible for some time to submit web-based offers for classic general cargo shipments and partial loads.

Following a successful test phase, express general cargo shipments can now also be accessed via the tool. Partner companies that have integrated Pamyra on their website can access this service exclusively and make it available to their customers. “Until now, shippers always had to pay high extra costs for an express shipment. That is now a thing of the past”, says De Lauso. Users simply store the CTL Express rate, which is then automatically visible to shippers. The simplified pricing enables shippers to order express shipments with just a few clicks. CTL guarantees delivery the following day at 10, 12 or 14 o’clock.

Fully digitized service portfolio in planning

The declared goal of CTL and Pamyra is to integrate all products of the general cargo cooperation into the start-up’s software. “In the next step, our USP of shipping general cargo up to seven metres in length will be put online on Pamyra. This will make us the first general cargo cooperation to offer all its products via a digital platform,” announces De Lauso. On the one hand, this is intended to strengthen the network and, on the other, to provide the more than 170 partner companies with a tool that helps them to expand their own sales channels.

Dr. Lasse Landt, Managing Director of Pamyra GmbH, comments the cooperation: “We are very pleased to have CTL as a committed partner who is resolutely digitalising its offering. Not only the customers of our marketplace benefit from the wide range of digitally bookable services, but also the CTL partners, who can also make these services bookable for their customers on their own websites. And further: “We appreciate CTL’s pioneering role and the trust placed in our solutions. This makes it clear once again that the path of digitization is a joint and cooperative one that leads to success for all parties involved.”

About Pamyra GmbH

Pamyra is an independent platform for comparison and booking of transports. The online portal of the Leipzig-based Company with same name enables shippers to get an overview of offers on the transport market and to book suitable offers. Logistics companies can post their offers on the platform and use it as a sales channel at the same time. With the help of the Software-solution “Pamyra4You”, the service can be integrated into the company’s own websites also.

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