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Homberg, den 22. February 2022

Cargo Trans Logistik AG opens its own West-HUB in Düsseldorf

Cargo Trans Logistik AG (CTL) puts its new transhipment base in Düsseldorf into operation. This is the logistics network’s response to the sustained growth and positive development of its partner companies. They now have more than 4,000 square metres of handling space at their disposal in the Rhine metropolis. The general cargo cooperation is also setting up its own local transport structures at the new location and delivers goods directly.

Expansion due to strong growth

“With the new western hub, we offer our partners in a challenging region the greatest possible flexibility to be able to react optimally to order peaks,” says CTL CEO Francesco De Lauso. In addition to the transshipment points in Aurach, Grolsheim, Lauenau and the central HUB in Homberg (Efze), Düsseldorf is now the fifth location that CTL operates under its own management. Another is maintained in cooperation with L.I.T. Speditions GmbH in Leipzig. The strong growth of the network and its members has now made the new opening of the West-HUB necessary. “In the past two years, we have grown by more than ten percent in each year, so we decided to noticeably expand our capacities,” says De Lauso.

After a challenging first half of the year, initial talks were held last summer about a site expansion in the Ruhr region. In October 2021, the starting signal was given for the new western hub: “Within five months, we had the entire infrastructure up and running. In addition to technical and procedural preparations, this also included hiring new staff,” says De Lauso. Initially, everything was handled by the CTL head office in Homberg Efze, but since the beginning of February, the branch manager of the new West-HUB, Mr Wolfgang Herkenrath, has been coordinating on site.

Establishment of own local transport structures

The new location in Düsseldorf, however, will not only be used as a pure transhipment centre. CTL is building up its own depot and local transport structures in parallel in order to handle general cargo transports independently. “The primary goal is the stability of the network. Since it is difficult to find partners for the last mile in metropolitan regions like Cologne/Düsseldorf, we are entering the delivery business there ourselves,” De Lauso emphasises. The cooperation has been gaining positive experience with this model in the Hanover region for several years and will now expand the service.

Five-year rental agreement signed with real estate company Mileway

Georg Starck, Country Director Germany of Mileway, the largest owner and manager of real estate for last-mile logistics in Europe, says: “We appreciate the partnership-based cooperation throughout the entire process and are pleased that we were able to support Cargo Trans Logistik AG’s expansion plans and provide a suitable space in a highly competitive metropolitan region.” The contract for the HUB in Düsseldorf was concluded for five years. Francesco De Lauso assures: “Together with Mileway, we are fulfilling our self-imposed mission to ensure stability, coverage and quality for our network, thus creating the conditions for further positive development.”

About Mileway

Mileway is the largest owner and manager of last-mile logistics properties in Europe. The company is present in 10 major European economies with 1,700 properties. Mileway’s key markets of the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and France together account for more than 80 percent of the portfolio, but the company is also expanding its presence in Scandinavia and Southern Europe. Mileway is headquartered in Amsterdam and has a dedicated team of more than 350 employees and a local presence in each of its markets. For more information, visit

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