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Homberg, den 24. March 2022

Goodbye to CTL Tariff Commission member Sven Kasper

It was with one laughing eye and one crying eye that we said goodbye to Sven Kasper from T&S, Bingen from the Tariff Commission, which took place on 23.03.2022 at the new CTL location West in Düsseldorf. We are happy for him that he is venturing new professional paths, but we can already feel the gap that he will leave behind within the CTL partner landscape and above all in the CTL Tariff Commission. As a founding member, he has enriched the group with his relaxed manner from the very beginning, but of course he has also decisively initiated and promoted collective bargaining topics in the sense of the network. We say THANK YOU for his commitment and wish him every success and all the best in his professional and private life!

Singen, den 28. October 2022

New construction of the MAIER logistics centre in Singen

Maier Spedition is expanding the logistics area at its site in Singen by 38,000 m². Up to 35 new jobs... Weiterlesen
Homberg, den 20. October 2022

CTL AG distributes over 800,000 euros bonus payments

Introduction of bonus payments for network partners Cargo Trans Logistik AG has introduced a bonus system for its partner companies... Weiterlesen
Homberg, den 6. October 2022

CTL Strategy Meeting 2022

With a successful two-day strategy meeting on 22 and 23 September, we conclude the CTL AG event series for 2022.... Weiterlesen