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Homberg, den 29. April 2022

Annual financial statement: positive year at Cargo Trans Logistik AG

Cargo Trans Logistik AG (CTL) draws a positive conclusion for the past year. The general cargo cooperation increased its national consignment volume by 14 percent and its turnover by 18 percent to 135 million euros. A total of around 2.5 million consignments were transported. Through the opening of the new eastern hub in Leipzig and the introduction of new transport services such as direct delivery to end customers, the transports of existing partners were significantly expanded. For the current business year, the cooperation from Homberg (Efze) is focusing more on the further development of the network quality and the IT structure.

Successful year despite tense market situation

“2021 was an exciting year for us, and we are very satisfied with it. The positive development of consignment volumes shows us that we can provide exactly the right response to the volatile general cargo market with our hub-and-spoke system, which is unique in Germany. We will continue to follow this path consistently,” says CTL board member Francesco De Lauso. The development of the network is promising, he says, as the number of partners has been maintained despite a tense 2021 with numerous company takeovers and changes in the market.

Multi-hub transports create greater flexibility

For its part, CTL has initiated changes to be even more attractive for partners and their customers. With the multi-hub transports the general cargo cooperation introduced a new option for production into the network. With daily fixed line transports between the regional hubs in Aurach, Düsseldorf, Grolsheim and Lauenau, partners can react much more flexibly to high transport volumes. More than half of the transports are now handled via the decentralised hubs. In order to realise the basis of a maximum national area coverage, an additional transhipment hub was added in Leipzig.

With the introduction of the two new products “CTL Home” and “CTL Handel”, the cooperation has also created a broader offer for its partners than before. “The increasing demand for delivery to end customers and the connection to retail warehouses made it necessary for us to take the step of adding these two products to our portfolio,” says De Lauso. This decision has also contributed a great deal to the positive development of the shipment volumes. The share of B2C deliveries alone was ten per cent in 2021.

Focus on further development of quality and IT structure

CTL intends to continue this positive development. With the opening of its own western hub in Düsseldorf to serve the Cologne-Bonn metropolitan region more intensively and with the expansion of transports to France, the cooperation has taken the next development steps. “The coming months will be entirely devoted to the quality offensive in the network. We have identified optimisation potential and are gradually implementing it,” announces De Lauso. Strategic cooperations and new partners are to strengthen the CTL network. With the expansion of the IT structure and the focus on sustainability projects such as emissions measurement at consignment level, the cooperation is also positioning itself even better for the future.

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