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Homberg, den 24. May 2022

Cargo Trans Logistik AG makes CO2 emissions visible

Strategic partnership with the start-up WAVES

Cargo Trans Logistik AG (CTL) is creating a way for its partner companies to determine their logistical carbon footprint. Together with the start-up WAVES S.à r.l., the general cargo cooperation offers transparent sustainability management. The emissions measurement identifies optimisation potential in the supply chain and helps to implement it. As a result, participating CTL partners meet current climate protection requirements in tenders even better. Two models are available for this. Either the emissions data is made available at shipment level in cooperation with WAVES via CTL or the partners are granted direct access to the start-up’s Sustainability Management Platform (SMP).

For some years now, customers have rightly been demanding more sustainability in logistics. However, this is not always easy for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to implement financially and in terms of personnel. With WAVES, we make it easier for our members to enter an emission-free supply chain,” says CTL board member Francesco De Lauso. In the course of this, the general cargo cooperation has entered into a strategic partnership with the Luxembourg software company WAVES. The start-up has developed a modular cloud platform for sustainability management. Participating CTL partners can choose from one of two models to have their logistical carbon footprint calculated.

Automated data enables emission measurement at consignment level

On the one hand, emissions measurement at consignment level is possible in CTL’s general cargo network through WAVES. The general cargo cooperation provides the corresponding data for the company on a daily basis. This is done without any additional technical effort. WAVES uses the CTL transport data to calculate the emissions with an average accuracy of 94 percent. “For our shipments, almost all parameters are known to us, as the majority of the routes are between the HUBs. Only the vehicle type and the load factor are subject to an average value for the pre- and on-carriage,” explains De Lauso.

On the other hand, CTL partner companies receive special conditions for the direct use of the WAVES Sustainability Management Platform (SMP). The dynamic dashboard maps the entire fleet and shows, among other indicators, the tours, kilometres driven, the proportion of empty runs and the CO2 emissions generated per tour. “With the help of WAVES, it is possible for each of our partners to have their emissions calculated and, in a next step, to position themselves more sustainably. This is a clear competitive advantage,” says De Lauso.

Transparent supply chain

Armin Neises, Managing Director of WAVES, says: “We are very pleased to be working with CTL and its cooperation partners, for whom the great added value is to determine their own CO2 emissions and to generate higher data quality by collecting real data from their systems. Especially today it is even more important to realise that it is not only about reducing emissions, but also about reducing costs in view of constantly rising energy prices. If you don’t measure the values, you can’t provably reduce them.”

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Homberg, den 24. May 2022

Cargo Trans Logistik AG makes CO2 emissions visible

Strategic partnership with the start-up WAVES Cargo Trans Logistik AG (CTL) is creating a way for its partner companies to... Weiterlesen