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Homberg, den 9. June 2022

Cargo Trans Logistik AG optimises general cargo transports to France

Cargo Trans Logistik AG (CTL) is completely reorganising its general cargo transports to France. The optimised concept includes improved connections, transit times and tariffs as well as a high grade of automation. To this end, the network cooperation is intensifying its collaboration with the French Heppner Group. CTL partner companies can now give their goods into the network for the German neighbouring country via five HUBs of the general cargo cooperation. In the process, Heppner locations serve as gateways for the transports. Daily lines between the CTL HUBs and the branches of the forwarding and logistics company ensure coverage of all French départements within a few days.

Shipments via five CTL HUBs possible

“With the reorganisation of the French transports, we offer our partners a best-option concept and an optimal connection to an increasingly growing market,” says CTL CEO Francesco De Lauso. Giving shipments into the network is possible via five of the six CTL locations – Aurach, Düsseldorf, Grolsheim, Homberg and Lauenau. Daily transports between the general cargo cooperation’s HUBs and five German locations of the Heppner Group ensure smooth and fast deliveries to all departments in France. Shipments to Lyon or Paris, for example, are handled within 48 hours, and transports to Corsica are possible within six days. The Heppner locations in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gronau, Kehl and Kornwestheim are used for this. This ensures an even better service for the CTL partners. “With the close cycle to France, we offer our partners and their customers the maximum flexibility in fulfilling the services,” says De Lauso.

German locations of the Heppner Group are used as gateways

CTL partners who give their goods into the network via the new gateway structure for French transports benefit, among other things, from an optimised cost structure. Two tariffs are available for the transport. Either the price is determined on the basis of the pallets to be transported or on the weight of the consignments. “After we receive the consignment data, we automatically determine the optimal tariff for our partner,” assures De Lauso. In addition, the consignment status is recorded seamlessly and transparently from the respective HUB to the delivery in France.

Fixed appointments can be defined, including time specifications

Furthermore, notifications in all départements and fixed dates with time specifications are possible. General cargo shipments of up to four pallets, packages of up to six metres and also hazardous goods can be transported via the improved service. “France is a very attractive market for us and our partner companies. We are glad that we can now offer another service with great added value,” says De Lauso.

Ghislain Fernandez, Managing Director of Heppner’s international operations, emphasises: “We are pleased to be able to offer CTL our strong network throughout France. We have adapted the general cargo production to France in order to offer an optimised service in terms of hubs and tracking system. I am confident that this step will open up great opportunities for further development.”

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