Verfasst von: Maier Spedition GmbH
Singen, den 28. October 2022

New construction of the MAIER logistics centre in Singen

Maier Spedition is expanding the logistics area at its site in Singen by 38,000 m². Up to 35 new jobs will be created here. On 17 October, Jürgen Frömberg, Managing Director of Maier Spedition GmbH, the members of the management Thomas Marizzi and Jochen Sigg, Nils Planzer (CEO Planzer) as well as the Lord Mayor of Singen, Bernd Häusler, representatives of the local building authority together with representatives of the company Goldbeck Süd GmbH, which is involved in the project, broke ground for the construction of the logistics centre. Goldbeck is ensuring that operations can begin in less than 20 months of construction time.

Sustainability despite 38,000 square metres of storage space
Large building plots for logistics companies like Maier Spedition from Singen are rare in the region. Even the current building site with an area of around 35,000 m² would have been too small for the logistics company’s needs with a conventional, one-storey construction method. The solution was to build a two-storey logistics hall with a floor area of approx. 18,000 m². This minimises surface sealing and optimises the energy efficiency of the building. In addition to functionality, Maier Spedition attaches particular importance to a sustainable and energy-efficient building. The roof area of the two-storey hall is fully greened. The photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the hall was designed for the maximum permissible output, which still legally allows Maier Spedition to consume the electricity directly at the site itself. There are more than enough consumers for the electricity; in addition to the LED lighting, lifts, vertical conveyors and the electrically powered industrial trucks, electricity is also required to heat the building. This is done using sustainable heat pump technology. On sunny days, the PV system will be able to supply the entire logistics centre with electricity. Over the year, the degree of self-sufficiency is estimated at 70%.

For outsiders, a sustainable building is not necessarily recognisable. The green roof, the PV system, the building technology inside are not visible. However, the traveller from the train gets a hint of this when looking at the approx. 500m² of greenery on the facade of the track hall.

The good ground conditions on site are used to feed the precipitation directly into the groundwater. This means that the public sewer system is not unnecessarily burdened. Rainwater accumulating on the green spaces will be directly infiltrated. Rainwater that accumulates on traffic areas is purified via infiltration troughs with a revitalised topsoil layer or via special sedimentation and filter systems and then fed into the groundwater.

Promote growth
Maier Spedition GmbH has been part of Planzer since 2013 and has around 200 employees at its locations in Singen, Hagen, Pfullendorf and Ramsen. The main business of Maier Spedition is euronational land transport, especially between Switzerland and Germany. During the last two decades, the warehouse logistics sector has grown steadily. Since the increasing demand for space (for warehouse logistics) in Singen could no longer be met, several warehouse spaces had to be rented in Pfullendorf already in 2020. The new logistics building will make this transfer obsolete by freeing up space in Pfullendorf and will even reduce the future traffic load. In addition, it is possible to have overseas containers delivered via the neighbouring HUPAC site in order to reduce the incoming truck traffic to a minimum. The goods can be loaded directly onto the railway via the planned railway siding.

In addition to creating and securing jobs and sustainably shifting freight traffic from road to rail, the concept of the new logistics centre strengthens the industrial location of Singen as an important intermodal and international transport hub.

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