Performance through connection

Partners have the packaged goods – CTL network has the possibilities.

For the consignments which are fed into the network, there is an extensive product range available which is used and provided by the partners. Because every partner is a user and provider in the network. With this principle of universal mutual service provision, CTL is able to offer its products comprehensively and the partners can offer these services to their customers.

Perfect logistics for your customers!

Our products at a glance

Full steam ahead!

CTL Classic

The standard product for all groupage consignments

  • Delivery and procurement throughout Germany in 24/48 hours
  • Delivery and procurement in 36 European countries
  • Delivery of dangerous goods

CTL Express

The CTL premium product for guaranteed next day delivery

  • Guaranteed next day delivery
  • If required, also by 10h, 12h, or 14h
  • Express service procurement throughout Germany
  • Available in many European countries
  • Delivery of dangerous goods as Express


The CTL specialist product for bulky goods

  • Delivery of goods up to 7 metres long throughout Germany
  • Use of specialist equipment
  • 48/72 hour time period

CTL Fixed Date

The premium product for delivery on a specific date

  • Guaranteed delivery on desired date
  • If required, also by 10h, 12h, or 14h
  • Available in many European countries

CTL Sublot

The CTL solution for sublots in the groupage network

  • Delivery of consignments over 2,500 kg throughout Germany
  • Standard time periods 24/48 hours
  • Available in many European countries

CTL Home

The premium product for delivery to private recipients

  • Features: Bringing, distribution and unloading assistance possible
  • Considerable flexibility in dimensions (up to 3.20 m length and 600 kg/package)
    • Heavy cargo up to 1,000 kg per package
    • XXL – Excessive length (3.20 m to 7 m length) up to 100 kg per package
  • If desired, also by 10h, 12h or 14h

CTL Handel

The premium product for delivery to Central trade warehouses

  • Special handling
  • Optimised cost structure
  • Efficient and customised structures
  • Active consignment management
  • Uniform processes for all trade consignees
  • Control centre for monitoring all consignments

CTL Collect

The procurement product for precise planning

  • Europe-wide procurement transports
  • 100% transparency in shipment tracking from the moment the order is placed
  • Combination options with Classic, Fixed Date, Home, Handel, XXL and Sublot
  • Collection also from private consignors
  • High planning reliability thanks to ETA


CTL carries out extensive additional services for all products!

Our network partners can concentrate on what is most important because CTL covers extensive additional services for all partners. The costs are invoiced according to transaction. No basic charges or similar apply.

  • 01Central invoicing (‘clearing’) of all revenues and costs of mutually rendered services between all partners
  • 02Central customer service for the network
  • 03Networking of all 190 partners through a central IT system
  • 04Insurance of all consignments for the partners
  • 05Administration of pallet accounts
  • 06Central access to all quality figures
  • 07Support of partners in customer acquisition

We are looking forward to your expertise

Contribute to the CTL network with your know-how!

Extensions to the standard product range are implemented by CTL through specialist logistics services by the network of very diverse partners. Our specialists can find the ideal solution for any challenge. As partner, you too can become a part of our diverse services. Leave a message. We will get back to you for an initial conversation!