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Homberg, den 6. September 2023

Electrifying: Test phase with Volta Trucks begins

CTL is breaking new ground in the last mile: A two-week test phase with Volta trucks will start at our West-HUB in Düsseldorf soon. Like numerous well-known companies, we are putting the use of a Volta Zero through its paces for our needs.
During the test phase, the all-electric commercial vehicle will be used emission-free, especially on the last mile. Due to the dense development and infrastructure in the Rhine metropolis, our West-HUB is ideally suited for this experiment with the Volta Zero.

The special feature: the design
The electric truck from Volta Trucks is not only impressive because of its drive system, but also because of its design. The Volta Zero was developed as a 16-tonne commercial vehicle especially for inner-city goods traffic. Here, the Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer puts the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the foreground and therefore relies on low-floor cabs, which give drivers a wider field of vision and thus significantly reduce the risk of collisions. The staff are also supported by sophisticated camera technology with all-round visibility. A modular battery is installed, with which a range of up to 200 kilometres can be achieved.

Drivers keep evaluation forms
For our West HUB, two colleagues are on the road for the last mile, taking turns to use the Volta Zero. To learn all the ins and outs of the unique design and centre steering wheel placement, our experienced truck drivers were trained to use it before the test phase. During the two-week experiment, they will closely examine where the truck’s strengths and weaknesses lie and whether they think it is worth using it in the long term.

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