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Homberg, den 12. December 2023

Cargo Trans Logistik AG presses on with its internationalization

Cargo Trans Logistik AG is expanding its international connections and is now cooperating with the Spanish logistics specialist SEITRANS SA, a subsidiary of the Italsempione Group. As a result of this collaboration, the medium-sized general cargo groupage network is expanding its transports to and from Spain for its 180 partner companies. The freight is routed through the CTL West hub in Düsseldorf. Regular departures guarantee delivery within 48 hours in the respective countries. Previously, the transport time was up to 72 hours.

 “The strategic cooperation with SEITRANS is another major step towards the internationalization of CTL. The new connection will enable us to significantly enhance transport services to and from Spain for our partners,” says CTL CEO Francesco De Lauso, adding, “As CTL, we have now reached a size where we can extend our services beyond Germany’s borders and offer transportation solutions for our partners in strategically important regions.”

As part of the cooperation with SEITRANS SA, CTL is establishing an even more extensive foundation for successful international transportation between the Iberian Peninsula and Germany. With regular departures, cargo is delivered throughout Germany and Spain within a maximum of two days — making it at least a third faster than before. The transport operations occur between the CTL hub in Düsseldorf and the SEITRANS hub in Barcelona, from where the general cargo is distributed. Abraham Garcia Martinez, CFO at CTL and largely responsible for its internationalization, states: “An important milestone has been achieved, aligning with our internationalization strategy for the coming years. The focused exploration and expansion into foreign markets will render our network partners even more competitive. We will support them with sales measures to enhance their international success.”

SEITRANS SA is part of the Italian Italsempione Group and has two strategically located branches in Barcelona and Madrid. The company specializes in land transport, sea and air freight, as well as value-added services, and operates a nationwide hub network. José Javier Hernàndez, Network Manager Europe at SEITRANS, comments on the cooperation: “Together with CTL AG, we are creating significant added value for our customers and strengthening the connection to Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to the nationwide groupage network, we can significantly expand our services in the groupage and full truckload for our customers with attractive transit times.”

At its international strategy meeting on November 23rd, CTL presented its cooperation with SEITRANS SA and its expansion plans for the coming years to its network partners.

Successful cooperation: Abraham Garcia Martinez, CFO at CTL, Tobias Jüngling, Manager of network development at CTL, Valerio Alpini, Director at Italsempione spa., Francesco De Lauso, CEO of CTL, and José Javier Hernàndez, Network Manager Europe at SEITRANS, are delighted with the cooperation and the optimized opportunities for partners and customers.

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