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Homberg, den 4. May 2021

With CTL Handel (Trade product) into central trading warehouses

The CTL Cargo Trans Logistik AG based in Homberg/Efze, is expanding the product range of its general cargo network for the second time this year. Form May 3rd, 2021, the premium product CTL Handel will officially be launched on the market and will henceforth enable the more than 170 network partners the perfect connection to approx. 300 trade warehouses throughout Germany. In short, CTL Handel enables specialised processing under the umbrella of the nationwide network.

Since the middle of last year, the company has been working on new possibilities for product expansion, especially for the time with and after the Corona pandemic, which has rapidly accelerated the concentration in the (online) trade sector. With this trend in mind, the further development of the CTL network has been aligned with the growing demands and expectations.

CEO Francesco De Lauso comments on the new product: “With the goal of implementing and establishing a stand-alone CTL network product for the central trading warehouses and the large online retailers, we are facing new challenges for ourselves and our partners, but we are nevertheless firmly convinced of the long-term added value of the product for our partners and their customers.”

Uniform processes tailored to retailers as well as an optimal cost structure, extensive support including specially developed manuals and finally a simple pallet-based tariff underline the uniqueness of the product within the cooperation world.

A specially developed application, the CTL Control Centre, or CCC for short, is designed to present the consignment processes clearly, comprehensibly and completely. “With the CTL Control Center, we address the issue of time window management and data transparency. Entry and correction options, direct consignment-related communication and much more can be accessed using intuitive navigation. With the help of our partners, we will successively develop and perfect the CCC.”

Particular attention is being paid to the processing of the online trade giant. Therefore processing was already considered separately in the development of CTL Handel. “Our HUB structure enables us to bundle shipments in a sensible way and also to offer flexible solutions in day-to-day business at times. Coupled with the expertise of over 170 freight forwarders and logisticians, even a small shipment will therefore find its way to the largest warehouse.”

De Lauso concludes: “Industrial general cargo is our core competence and will remain so. But it is necessary to adapt to developments in the market and to expand the portfolio in a sensible way so that our partners can meet all their customers’ requirements. We will integrate CTL-Handel intelligently into our existing structures and together lead it to success.”

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