Verfasst von: CTL AG
Homberg, den 25. May 2021

New CTL product on the general cargo market

CTL Cargo Trans Logistik AG, based in Homberg/Efze, is expanding the product range of the general cargo network with CTL-Home. As of 01.02.21, the more than 170 partners of the CTL network can officially use the product.

CEO Francesco De Lauso explains the background: “Private customer delivery is not a new task for the CTL network. Quite the contrary. Our partners have a lot of experience and have been successfully implementing the specific requirements for a long time. Just not under an official product. With the introduction, we are reacting, among other things, to the increased demand and attention on the market and are giving the service a name. The product can be actively offered and marketed by CTL partners with immediate effect.”

In doing so, the product will be implemented by all national partners without exception and thus be available nationwide. Based on CTL’s more international orientation, however, there are already expansion plans. “This will only be the beginning. Many of our foreign partners have signalled that they want to implement the product in the same way. We will become active very quickly in order to offer our partners all international possibilities,” assures De Lauso.

The core of CTL-Home will be the special product features developed for private delivery. “We have implemented a number of services for the product with the partners that should be of interest to both shippers and private recipients and will further reduce the gap between parcel and pallet,” De Lauso knows. “For example, it will be possible, among other things, to specify the day and time window of the delivery and to make the usual appointment on the phone superfluous. The recipient will be able to track his shipment at any time via a newly developed Track&Trace, as he is used to from parcel deliveries.” De Lauso continues: “That is by far not all. Under certain conditions, it is possible to instruct the delivering carrier to deliver the parcel to the final destination. In this case, the driver can be booked as an unloading helper and carry the consignment to the destination together with the recipient. And one strength of the CTL network also comes into play with CTL-Home. Up to 100 kilos, there is practically no size restriction for the shipment. That’s something special.”

After its introduction, the CTL-Home product is regularly scrutinised and held against the demands of the market. “We want to continuously develop the product within the possibilities of a general cargo network. It’s about offering the right service at the right time. This is only possible if such product launches are not seen as a completed project, but as a process that wants to be accompanied on a permanent basis. And that is exactly what we will do.”

CTL-Home is the first step in the expansion of the product portfolio. In addition to the six products Classic, Express, Fix, Teilpartie, XXL and Home, a trade product is being implemented. “This will be a real milestone,” assures Francesco De Lauso. “Here we will go much further than has been the case so far. But details, as before, we’ll communicate only when it’s implemented and not before.”


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