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Homberg, den 13. July 2021

Opening of the CTL East-HUB

Growth and development

CTL’s network is growing for the third year in a row. While it was 9 % from 2019 to 2020, the volume in 2021 is rising to a double-digit percentage compared to the previous year. The number of partners is also steadily increasing, with over 170 partners participating in the network in 2021. This development is in line with CTL’s overall strategy, which is based on smart, technical, and service-oriented growth.

Accompanying the growth of the partners – part of the overall strategy

The expansion of the national network is an important part of CTL’s overall strategy. The partners’ ability to act in such a dynamically changing general cargo market is quite decisive to be able to serve customers fully in the future. The ability to act is achieved above all through flexible productions options. In combination with cost and quality optimisation, the CTL partners will thus be able to optimally appear on the market in the future as well.

With the opening of the East-HUB, the sixth CTL transhipment location, we are consistently implementing a milestone in our overall strategy. We are opening another production channel for the partners and thereby increasing flexibility in their business. Especially after the experiences of the first half of 2021, this is an important additional tool for managing the volatile outbound volumes that will continue to accompany us. A further and very important effect is the saving of CO2 by producing the east-south/south-east shipments via the much more direct route via the East-HUB in the future. In addition, CTL’s East-HUB connects the metropolitan region of Berlin with southern Germany, which is as important as it is difficult, and relieves the central-HUB in Homberg, which will have a positive effect on the handling quality of the entire network.

Cooperation with our partner L.I.T. Leipzig

After analysing the current volume situation, we have brought this milestone forward to the earliest possible date, the autumn season 2021. We are very pleased about the now official announcement of the opening of the location with our partner, L.I.T. Spedition GmbH from Leipzig, with commissioning on 06.09.2021. There are no new additional technical requirements for the participating partners. The East-HUB will be integrated in the same way as all other CTL transhipment locations.

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Homberg, den 13. July 2021

Opening of the CTL East-HUB

Growth and development CTL’s network is growing for the third year in a row. While it was 9 % from... Weiterlesen