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Homberg, den 20. October 2022

CTL AG distributes over 800,000 euros bonus payments

Introduction of bonus payments for network partners

Cargo Trans Logistik AG has introduced a bonus system for its partner companies as part of its quality offensive. At the annual strategy meeting, the general cargo cooperation presented the figures for the first eight months of 2022 and drew a positive first interim balance: the changeover is having an effect. Overall, quality has increased across the network. From January to August 2022, more than 800,000 euros were distributed to 89 network partners. “The positive overall development is noticeable, especially in the premium sector, but we have not yet reached where we want to be. We will continue this development so that the quality within the network continues to increase and the position of our partners in the market is strengthened,” says De Lauso.

Goal: Improve quality and strengthen the network

The payout will create an additional incentive for each partner to improve their own service quality. “We are convinced that the network and our partners can always improve their quality. With our new system, we want to reward their very good work,” says CTL CEO Francesco De Lauso. At the beginning of the year, CTL changed its pure sanction system to a bonus/malus system. Partners who achieve high quality scores in defined categories – such as delivery quality – within one month receive a payout from the bonus pot.

Support programme planned for 2023

For 2023, the general cargo cooperation is planning a five-step programme, including a detailed analysis, model calculations, training and accompaniment as well as controlling, to help partner companies that are at the lower end of the rating scale. “We do not leave our partners alone and try to work with them to improve their quality,” De Lauso emphasises.

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